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I would like to thank so many individuals, groups and organizations who have seen the value of the “Put a lid on it” projects.  The last mural that I oversaw the creation of was the VanGogh mural located on the side of Red Brick Gallery in Martinsburg, WV.  That was created just over a year ago and I am pleased that people are still motivated to collect the lids for the purpose of upcycling and creating works of art to beautify our community.

I just wanted to put a thank you out there especially to Tomahawk Presbyterian Church in Berkeley County, WV for working together to save lids.

I will let everyone know when I start another one.

Currently Mussleman High School in Inwood West Virginia is collecting lids for two murals (Masterpiece Art Kits http://www.masterpieceartkits.com) that they are going to work on starting January 2011 for installation in the cafeteria.


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I have been inspired!  I am so excited to share that I am trying something new to make the lid murals more “eco-friendly” and maybe more “eco”-nomic!  Recently, I stumbled on the work of California artist Linda Merica who works with recycled paper in various ways.  She uses recycled paper, or paper mache for a variety of thing but what really inspired is that she does custom floors whereas the paper is made to look like flag stones.  She also make counter tops that look great!  This is what got my mind wandering and wondering about the paper being a good binder for my upcycled lid murals.  For any of you that might be interested in trying to make a floor or something out of recycled paper she has a book for sale on her website for only $9 bucks.  Check it out at http://www.papertostone.com/

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Van Gogh made it to Martinsburg West Virginia.  See it here first!

Putting the final touches to the Van Gogh mural

Putting the final touches to the Van Gogh mural

van Gogh-10

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Cracker Barrel sign in Martinsburg

Cracker Barrel sign in Martinsburg

Cracker Barrel of Martinsburg has been a big help in the past with both the project and the environment by joining with us to save their brown bottle lids which come on their syrup bottles.  The bottles are also saved and David recycles them at the Berkeley County Solid Waste Authorities recycling center.

The only problem is meeting the Friday pickup dates.  That’s right because David hasn’t been able to get there regularly the Cracker Barrel management just dumps the collection.  So we need help finding people to make that pick up.  Know someone?  Call David for detail 304-283-1902.

Have a Cracker Barrel in your neighborhood?  Why not get them involved in the project and help the environment at the same time?  WE NEED THE BROWN LIDS!

NEED BEES? The little buggers love the syrup so use the bottles to attract bees or clean them quick so that you don’t have them flying around your trash.

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We are very happy to have the Morgan County Solid Waste Authority (MCSWA)supporting the project and helping the environment.  The following is a letter to the editor that the MCSWA’s Director wrote.  Thanks Bill and thanks to the Morgan County Citizens for their support!

Here is a letter to the editor that recently ran in a West Virginia Newspaper.


     An artist in Martinsburg, David Heatwole, better known for his art publication, The Main ARTery, is encouraging citizens, businesses, governments and nonprofit organizations of the Quad-State region of West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania to participate in an ambitious art project.  To create a mural out of recycled plastic bottle lids.  Lids!  Can you imagine a mosaic made out of hundreds of thousands of colored dots?  Can you image a lot more including a wire-connected robot form, a 3-D style picture or a flower from the various color lids?  I can.

     Artists like creative challenges and I encourage making such an artistic piece.  Perhaps the Ice House could present similar displays.

     Lids should be from any drinking container.  Please rinse them to control bacteria.  [CORRECTION – LIDS CAN BE FROM ANY PLASTIC CONTAINER, BUT PREFER NOT TO KEEP THE FLOPPY-TYPE LIKE ON BUTTER BOWLS.]

     If you’d like to contribute lids, bring them to the recycling sites in a Food Lion style bag.  I will pass them on to David Heatwole.

     David would also like this “Put a Lid on It” as a national project challenging Americans to create collaborative-type art projects [out of plastic bottle lids]. 

     Call me and let’s see what can be developed!  (304) 258-9379.


Bill Pechumer

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The project began with a proposal to the Berkeley County Solid Waste Authority under the recommendation of Director Clint Hogbin.  The evening presentation to the board members was a success with unanimous agreement for support.  The agreement was to issue the following proclamation which once again non of the local press picked up or reported on – as far as I know.  The only “press” that printed the proclamation in all of its glory was The Main ARTery in their special “earthday” or “DUMP” Issue – Volumn 3 Issue 2.



Their recycling center in Martinsburg takes plastic bottles but people are supposed to remove the plastic bottle lids and throw them away UNLESS THEY CAN THINK OF SOMETHING ELSE TO DO WITH THEM.  This is pretty much the standard at recycling centers across the country.  I asked the board if they would agree to have the lids removed and saved for the Put A Lid On It project.  They agreed and now a few months into this project a 6th of my garage is filled with boxes and bags full of grungy lids just waiting for volunteers to help clean the lids and sort by color and size.

Build it and they will come.

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