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Van Gogh made it to Martinsburg West Virginia.  See it here first!

Putting the final touches to the Van Gogh mural

Putting the final touches to the Van Gogh mural

van Gogh-10


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I just got back from the CREATE WEST VIRGINIA conference at West Virginia’s popular Snowshow Resort.   It was an amazing experience meeting like minded creative people who want to see our state continue to re-bloom as a creative community, welcome to new residents and visitors.  Not only did I meet artists who crossed the spectrum but also city planners, economic developers, architects, publishers, educators, marketing people and so many others others from various professions all come together for change.  Are we seeing a revolution in education, politics, community planning & industry?  I think so.  The world is at a crossroads and people are seeing that we cannot continue to do things the way that we have continued to do them – Change is sweeping the nation and the pendulum is a swinging back.

The Arts Collaborative would like to ask you for your opinion.  Please take our survey!

LASTLY, Thanks to Mary Klotz for remembering our project and for bringing her plastic bottle lids all the way from Maryland to this conference.  It was great meeting this creative individual and a surprise to receive lids on Top Of The World!  Thanks Mary.

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The project began with a proposal to the Berkeley County Solid Waste Authority under the recommendation of Director Clint Hogbin.  The evening presentation to the board members was a success with unanimous agreement for support.  The agreement was to issue the following proclamation which once again non of the local press picked up or reported on – as far as I know.  The only “press” that printed the proclamation in all of its glory was The Main ARTery in their special “earthday” or “DUMP” Issue – Volumn 3 Issue 2.



Their recycling center in Martinsburg takes plastic bottles but people are supposed to remove the plastic bottle lids and throw them away UNLESS THEY CAN THINK OF SOMETHING ELSE TO DO WITH THEM.  This is pretty much the standard at recycling centers across the country.  I asked the board if they would agree to have the lids removed and saved for the Put A Lid On It project.  They agreed and now a few months into this project a 6th of my garage is filled with boxes and bags full of grungy lids just waiting for volunteers to help clean the lids and sort by color and size.

Build it and they will come.

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