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Well, after a night of stress before Harpers Ferry’s Town Council specifically due to one council member, I am pleased to say that the town council has agreed to support/endorse this art project.  They will create a resolution that will then be promoted to their citizens in hopes to have them save their non-recyclable lids for me and this effort rather than to just throw them in the landfil.

I cannot say that I was particularly pleased with how the meeting went, but I had to stop the stonewalling that one council member has been doing for some months.  While I did not want to cause any offense (or in the one council member’s words “Made it personal”) but I could no longer continue to let him B.S. the other council members or the public about what he said that he would do for the past two months, but did not and specifically did not contact me for further clarification.

One observation that still bewilders me: the rest of the town council seems to look to him almost like the mayor.   Granted he has his opinions and verbalizes them well, but I still cannot understand why the true Mayor does not have the center seat at the council desk.  He seems like a good Mayor, but just by giving this one fellow center seat may be giving him a sense of authority that goes beyond his true position.  I SAY “GIVE THE SEAT BACK TO THE MAYOR and go take your real seat.”


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Cracker Barrel sign in Martinsburg

Cracker Barrel sign in Martinsburg

Cracker Barrel of Martinsburg has been a big help in the past with both the project and the environment by joining with us to save their brown bottle lids which come on their syrup bottles.  The bottles are also saved and David recycles them at the Berkeley County Solid Waste Authorities recycling center.

The only problem is meeting the Friday pickup dates.  That’s right because David hasn’t been able to get there regularly the Cracker Barrel management just dumps the collection.  So we need help finding people to make that pick up.  Know someone?  Call David for detail 304-283-1902.

Have a Cracker Barrel in your neighborhood?  Why not get them involved in the project and help the environment at the same time?  WE NEED THE BROWN LIDS!

NEED BEES? The little buggers love the syrup so use the bottles to attract bees or clean them quick so that you don’t have them flying around your trash.

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