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Now that the VanGogh mural at Redbrick Gallery and the giant flower at the Berkeley County/Martinsburg Library have been completed Heatwole announces Masterpiece Art kits for sale to schools, and community groups to create for their community.  If you are interested please visit http://www.masterpieceartkits.com and call 304)283-1902 for details.


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Read all about the status of the project and read how we have approached Harpers Ferry’s town council regarding their participation in the project by being our pilot town.  Also read about two inspirational young girls from Maryland who are helping the project in a big way.october-2008-tma-articlelids

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I just got back from the CREATE WEST VIRGINIA conference at West Virginia’s popular Snowshow Resort.   It was an amazing experience meeting like minded creative people who want to see our state continue to re-bloom as a creative community, welcome to new residents and visitors.  Not only did I meet artists who crossed the spectrum but also city planners, economic developers, architects, publishers, educators, marketing people and so many others others from various professions all come together for change.  Are we seeing a revolution in education, politics, community planning & industry?  I think so.  The world is at a crossroads and people are seeing that we cannot continue to do things the way that we have continued to do them – Change is sweeping the nation and the pendulum is a swinging back.

The Arts Collaborative would like to ask you for your opinion.  Please take our survey!

LASTLY, Thanks to Mary Klotz for remembering our project and for bringing her plastic bottle lids all the way from Maryland to this conference.  It was great meeting this creative individual and a surprise to receive lids on Top Of The World!  Thanks Mary.

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