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It started with the first Eco Arts Festival in Frederick Maryland.  David was to have a booth there promoting The Main Artery publication but what was environmentally friendly about TMA except that we only make 5000 of them?  So we promoted the Put A Lid On It project by having this bag on display with a guessing game.
Laundry bag full of recycled lids

Laundry bag full of recycled lids

Visitors could have three guesses for 3 dollars.  You could guess for the overall number in the bag and guess how many blue lids and red lids were mixed into the collection.  We only had 11 guessers but it was fun and well we made a tad bit of money.  David had fun promoting the project and seeing the responses to the people taking up the challenge.

The laundry bag dumped out
The laundry bag dumped out
“The only problem with this contest was that I had to count the lids alone.  Not only was it long and tedious, but I was eaten alive by mosquitoes and of course was not happy about that at all.  SO NEXT TIME I NEED HELP!  The only thing that saved me from losing my mind was that I didn’t have to count them all.  Why? Because the highest guess was met and the count still had to go on by what i am guessing to be at least another 1000 or more.
Bet you would like to know who the winners were. The winners were Isaac LaRochelle-Mills of Frederick, Maryland, whose guesses were the closest in two of the three categories.  He guessed 10,000 number of total lids and he was right.  His was the top guess and se I stopped counting – THANK GOD!  He also guessed 500 blue lids and there were a total of 628.  Deb Burke of Thurmont, Md estimated there to be 111 green lids in the bag and she was closest to the correct number of 115.  CONGRATULATIONS TO THEM BOTH.

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