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DAVID Heatwole, an artist in Martinsburg, is doing his part to recycle. Two summers ago, Heatwole began a mural outside the Redbrick Gallery. Instead of paint, he used lids and bottle caps.

In no time, the town had a conversation piece — a depiction of a self-portrait by Vincent van Gogh. A split vote by the Martinsburg Historic Preservation Review Commission allowed the mural to stand.

But time and weather took the bright colors out of mural and Heatwole took his artwork down.

The lids, bottle caps and outdoor-grade particle board were headed for the landfill until Paul

Yandura, an art collector in Washington, D.C., said he wanted the piece. The recycled caps and lids will be recycled again.

Recycling works only if the recycled material is worth something. Heatwole may be on to something.


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